GeoSurveyor 2.0

Geophysical scanning program for metal detectors, displays scans in 2D and 3D
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Developed for the USA Discovery line of metal detectors, GeoSurveyor is a program that displays scans in standard 2D and 3D views and features advanced techniques to enhance images allowing better identification of targets. With this software you will be able to perform scans quickly and easily, and the program's live mode enables you to scan in any direction to locate subsurface anomalies in real time with your USA Discovery metal detector -so that you can study scans later in greater detail on your PC.

The program's interface allows you to open your saved scans in a Windows-style graphical user interface window. The program also provides all of the tools you need to view your geophysical scans in side views, reverse views, and you can also zoom in and out using the easy to control navigating tools provided. The scans you take for efficient detection of conductive and magnetic outcrops, will indicate in color any promising archeological finds. When you download the GeoSurveyor program itself, samples of real US Discovery scans are provided for you to demonstrate GeoSurveyor's scans in detail.

Luis Sanchez
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  • For use with US Discovery metal detectors
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